I love storytelling. I wrote my first play in the fifth grade when my teacher gave me free rein to do as I wished for one whole week. Since then, I have continually written and studied writing and multi-media. Even after receiving a Masters Degree in Media and Popular Culture, I continue to study the films and writing of the great storytellers- my present favorites are Nora Ephron, Billy Wilder and Federico Fellini! I am a big advocate of Independent Film and Film Festivals that encourage female screenwriters and filmmakers. My screenplays have attained Semi-Finalist status at the Moondance International Film Festival and ranked in the top 20% of the Academy Nicholl Fellowships.

My intent is to entertain and my greatest joy is in seeing people smile and hearing people laugh when they read my writing!


“Nothing can be hidden from a clairvoyant Archeologist in training. But Portia’s intuitive gifts are a threat to her Professor who is in cahoots with mysterious and dangerous land developers who aim to distort British history for their own gain.”

Portia is clairvoyant. She can put an ancient Roman coin to her head and feel the person who last touched that coin. She touches a wall in a tomb and knows people have died a fiery death in that room. It’s a useful and convenient gift, as she is training to be an archeologist. But it makes things complicated. Portia is coordinating a once in a lifetime dig of a Roman bridge in the Thames that is supervised by her esteemed Professor of Roman Archeology, Bates. But when a handsome Mudlark, Martin, a hobbyist scavenger on the Thames, leads her to a intricately carved Celtic sword he found on her excavation site, Portia touches it and gets caught up in the powerful Celtic energy. Following Martin to another mysterious site underneath a local pub, Portia is determined to unearth the treasure hoard and the remains of the lost Celtic Queen Boudicca, which she intuits are there. However, Bates and his colleagues have another agenda and it means deadly danger for Portia and her new Mudlark friends.

In 2015, my screenplay Mudlarks ranked in the top 20% of Nicholls Fellowship. Since then I have reworked and rewritten it so that it is ready to be shared. I see this as an ongoing series of Tween films, or for audiences (ages 10-25) who love adventure- mystery-paranormal. The next in the series is presently being drafted.

Mail Order Bride AKA Love In An Age of War
Michelle has worked hard and is finally able to quit her dead-end job and rent a space for the patisserie she and her now-deceased mother dreamed of opening in Santa Barbara California. When the carriage house where she stores her patisserie equipment is burned in a wild fire, Michelle is devastated. Her best friend Petra invites her to visit her family’s quaint lake-side dacha in Russia and, there, Michelle concocts an unusual plan. She signs onto an online Russia Mail Order Bride service hoping to trick a wealthy man in Santa Barbara into financing her dream. But her respite in Russia has some delicious surprises for her and Michelle is forced to make a difficult choice. Quirky Romance Adventure that received Semi-Finalist in Moondance International Film Festival.

A high-profile London couple converges at the location of their honeymoon in Hawaii after their twenty-five year marriage is threatened by infidelity. Chased by paparazzi, and joined by their concerned family members and a love-struck colleague, the couple reluctantly and humorously rediscovers, through the help of local Hawaiian elders, what it was that first brought them together.